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OKCupid’s Full, Inclusive ‘Every Single Person’ Campaign Is Literally Attacked. Dating App: ‘If We’re Pissing Off People … You Can Go Elsewhere’



OKCupid’s “Every Single Person”

Dating site OKCupid refused to back down from the inclusive message of its recent “Every Single Person” promotional campaign after OKCupid LGBTQ-inclusive ads on the New York City subway were torn down by passengers in a viral video.

OKCupid launched the “Every Single Person” campaign earlier this year as a way of highlighting the dating app’s commitment to inclusivity and continuing shift to highlight the continued evolution in gender and relationship definitions. The campaign heavily focuses on LGBTQ identities, including an increased focus on non-binary individuals, and spotlights non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships.

“‘Every Single Person,’ embraces all singles everywhere, no matter whom you’re interested in, what you’re looking for, or what matters to you,” the company said in a blog post announcing the campaign in July. “Our Every Single Person campaign reflects the beauty and complexity of that. Everyone deserves the love they seek – every single person.”

In the video, two people move through a subway car tearing down OKCupid ads promoting the dating app’s inclusion of various LGBTQ identities while calling the ads “disgusting,” “gross” and “propaganda.” They go on to say the images negatively affect children by “normalizing” LGBTQ romantic relationships, which they say will “affect the next generation.”

Their comments trend into conspiracy theory territory later, with the woman in the video claiming that the ad campaign is part of an effort by “the Chinese” to “divide and conquer us” before devolving into run-of-the-mill anti-vaccine rhetoric.

OKCupid Responds

OKCupid issued a statement Monday condemning the vandals’ actions and doubling down on the inclusive message of the campaign. “At OkCupid we celebrate love for every single person, regardless of identity, ethnicity, race, orientation, or gender. Many have reached out to us with heartfelt reactions to our ‘Every Single Person’ campaign, sharing the joy of seeing their true selves represented in advertising,” the company said.

“A much smaller few have had shockingly vitriolic reactions to it; but these reactions only serve to make it even more clear that we must continue to champion ALL people.” the statement continued. “Whether you’re a non-binary person, an environmentalist, a vaccine advocate, or all of the above, you deserve to find what you’re looking for on OkCupid.”

OKCupid CMO Melissa Hobley took aim at the bigotry shown in the video in an interview with PRWeek. “It reminded us that inclusion is more important than ever,” Hobley said. We can handle someone ripping down some ads. What’s not OK [is] to make the kind of statements she made and to destroy public property.”

Hobley had specific words for the group’s claim that the ads would “normalize” LGBTQ and non-monogamous relationships. “Of course we are,” she said.

Speaking to The Advocate, Hobley said OKCupid is happy to put itself “in a line of fire a little bit” in order to support its users. “When you’re hitting a nerve, that’s OK … The most important thing though is that we’re supporting all of our daters,” she said. “If we’re pissing off people that don’t want to celebrate diversity or to celebrate all kinds of love, then that’s OK. You can go elsewhere. We’re totally fine with that.”

The dating app’s response has garnered celebrity support as well, including famed gay actor George Takei. Takei posted a tweet from Hobley on his Instagram account stating “In light of the recent homophobic rant sparked by our ad campaign celebrating all kinds of love, OKCupid is making an even bigger commitment to be inclusive. So thanks for the craziness. Also, put on a mask. You owe the MTA $50.”

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Image courtesy of OKCupid

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Dolly Parton Hits the Humble, Generous High Notes: ‘Honored And Flattered’ Lil Nas X Covers ‘Jolene,’ Says It’s ‘Really, Really Good’

dolly partion hits

Dolly Parton hits it big even when entirely lifting another.

Published by
OK Magazine

Dolly Parton has given Lil Nas X her seal of approval!

The 22-year-old covered “Jolene” last week as part ofBBC Radio 1′sLive Lounge series. “I chose this because I feel like this song is kind of beautifully sad,” he said at the time. “I like the little country twang, so I was like ‘let me try this out.’”

The blonde beauty took to social media on Wednesday, September 29, to share her thoughts on the “Rodeo” singer’s version of the song.

dolly parton hits



“I was so excited when someone told me that Lil Nas X had done my song ‘Jolene.’ I had to find it and listen to it immediately…and it’s really, really good,” the 75-year-old wrote alongside a picture of herself with the rapper on Instagram. “Of course, I love him anyway. I was surprised and I’m honored and flattered. I hope he does good for both of us. Thank you @lilnasx 🦋.”

Parton’s fans also seemed to approve of the cover.

“It was so good!!! If y’all did a duet of ‘Jolene,’ it would be phenomenal!!” one fan commented on the post.

“When I tell you I’ve never loved a photo more,” another gushed.

“The duo I never knew I needed,” a third fan wrote.




Lil Nas X, who was born, Montero Lamar Hill, was chuffed by Parton’s response. “HOLY S**T,” he tweeted.

Lil Nas X released his debut album, Montero, earlier this month. The track “AM I DREAMING” features Parton’s goddaughter Miley Cyrus. The “Malibu” singer’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, previously featured on his 2019 hit “Old Town Road.”




Having worked with two members of the Cyrus family so far, the rapper joked on Twitter earlier this month that he “will not rest until i’ve collected every cyrus stone to harness the ultimate power.”

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ACLU Joins Indiana Gay-Straight Alliance Lawsuit Over Unequal Treatment by Schools; Same District Banned Pride Flags Few Months Ago

Indiana gay

Indiana gay
Gay-Straight Alliance

Unfair Treatment

The Indiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has teamed up with an Indiana Gay-Straight Alliance to file a lawsuit alleging that it has been unfairly barred from operating on-campus in a similar fashion as other “non-curricular” clubs.

The suit, filed last week in U.S. District Court, claims that the Pendleton Heights Gay-Straight Alliance (PHGSA) has been prohibited from advertising itself on the campus of Pendleton Heights High School in Pendleton, IN. The ban includes posting flyers on school bulletin boards and running ads on the school’s radio station. The filing also alleges that the club has been barred from conducting fundraising activities on school grounds.

All of the privileges currently being denied to the PHGSA are readily available to other student groups and clubs at the school regardless of their respective focuses’ relation to the school’s curriculum. The PHGSA reformed this year after a period of inactivity.

The claim states that these prohibitions have “severely hindered” the PHGSA’s ability to attract students who may be in need of its “beneficial function to be a place of shelter, support and education, not just for gay, lesbian, transgender and non-binary students, but for all Pendleton Heights High School students.”

“This group aims to create an environment that provides support to students, during a time that otherwise might be increasingly difficult for LGBTQ students,” said ACLU of Indiana advocacy strategist Kit Malone in a statement. “The differential treatment aimed at Pendleton Heights Gay-Straight Alliance by administrators is unwarranted and these students must be treated in the same manner that all other student groups are treated.”

Past Issues

The complaint come months after students and parents questioned a policy from the South Madison Community Schools board that told teachers to remove Pride flags from their classrooms. According to the Indianapolis Star, school board president Bill Hutton equated Pride flags and other pro-LGBTQ paraphernalia to the imagery of white supremacy, saying that allowing the display of Pride flags would mean the board would have to allow other groups the same privilege.

Students present also complained about school officials’ unfair treatment of the PHGSA in its previous incarnation. The anti-Pride flag policy remains intact.

“Unoffical” Club

Both the school and school district are named as defendants in the lawsuit, but the filing focuses heavily on the actions of an unnamed Pendleton Heights High School principal. The suit claims that the principal recognized the PHGSA as a “non-curricular” club but not an “official” club despite it having a faculty sponsor and it meeting the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition of a “non-curricular” club that is guaranteed the same privileges as “curricular” clubs.

Deeming the PHGSA as an “unofficial” club allows for the restrictions imposed by the principal, which the filing claims has caused “irreparable harm” to the PHGSA. The ACLU of Indiana believes this infringes on the Equal Access Act, which bars secondary schools that receive federal funding from preventing “non-curricular” clubs from accessing resources available to other student groups.

“Students at Pendleton Heights High School may participate in non-curricular clubs recognized by the school,” said ACLU of Indiana legal director Ken Falk. “By creating additional hurdles for Pendleton Heights Gay-Straight Alliance such as censoring the group’s promotions and prohibiting fundraising, the school is infringing on these students’ rights.”

The suit also claims that the principal’s, and therefore the school and school district’s, actions violate the First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The plaintiffs are requesting that the court “allow the Pendleton Heights Gay-Straight Alliance to have the same access to school facilities and avenues of communication, including fundraising opportunities, provided to curricular and official clubs.”

South Madison Community Schools Superintendent Mark Hall declined to comment on the situation when asked by the Indianapolis Star, saying that he was yet to receive the filing.

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Photo courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski/Creative Commons

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Dolly Parton Loves Lil Nas X’s Cover Of “Jolene,” And Now All I Want Is For Them To Collab

The country music legend and icon took to social media to say she is “honored and flattered” by his cover.

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New Bishop named in Brooklyn after predecessor retired amid sex abuse scandal

Published by
Pope Francis in September 2015 with retiring Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio (C), who was cleared in a Vatican sex abuse investigation

New York (AFP) – The Vatican on Wednesday announced a new bishop for the Diocese of Brooklyn, after the retirement of long-serving Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who was cleared in a sex abuse investigation.

The 77-year-old DiMarzio had been the subject of a high-profile Vatican probe after two men accused him of abusing them fifty years ago when he was a priest in New Jersey.

Earlier this month, the Vatican cleared DiMarzio in the investigation, saying the accusations against him do not “have the semblance of truth.”

The lawyer for the two men dismissed the Vatican probe as biased and said they will pursue civil lawsuits against the priest.

DiMarzio, whose resignation was earlier accepted by Pope Francis, will be succeeded by Bishop Robert Brennan, 59, a native of New York City, who has served as the Bishop of Columbus, Ohio since 2019, according to US media reports.

“Today I welcome Bishop Robert Brennan appointed as the eighth Bishop of Brooklyn,” DiMarzio said on Twitter. “I have known Bishop Brennan for years and have great confidence in his ability to lead the diocese.”

Several states in northeastern United States have been rocked by sexual abuse scandals in recent years. The drama is illustrated by the 2015 Oscar-winning film “Spotlight,” which documents how journalists with the Boston Globe newspaper uncovered sexual abuse committed by dozens of Boston priests.

According to, an advocacy organization, between 1950 and 2016, the Catholic Church in the US received complaints from more than 18,500 alleged victims claiming abuse by more than 6,700 clergy members.

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Chris Pratt will be in the new Super Mario Bros movie. Why hasn’t he been canceled?Chris Pratt will be in the new Super Mario Bros movie. Why hasn’t he been canceled?

ShutterstockChris Pratt refuses to even acknowledge how anti-LGBTQ his church is. Why isn’t this getting more attention? Read More LGBTQ Nation

Cher says Britney Spears can start a ‘new life’ after conservatorship battle

Published by
BANG Showbiz English

Cher thinks Britney Spears can embark on “a new life” after a judge suspended her dad’s position as conservator of her estate.

The 75-year-old pop icon has taken to Twitter to express her joy and relief at the news, which came after a judge concluded that Jamie Spears’ position in charge of his daughter’s affairs had become “untenable”.

Cher wrote on the micro-blogging platform: “Thank God [sparkles emoji] I’ve Talked & [prayer emoji] ‘d About This 4 YEARS [clapping emoji] . IM MORE THAN THRILLED 4 HER [cake emoji] BLESS OUR SUPER [star emoji] #FREEBRITNEY (sic)”

The ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ hitmaker now believes Britney can begin a new chapter in her life, having been under a conservatorship since 2008.

Cher tweeted: “[prayer emoji] THIS WILL [bee emoji] THE START [footprints emoji] OF A NEW LIFE,BRIT [kissing emoji] Me (sic)”

Bette Midler has also expressed her support for the chart-topping pop star.

The 75-year-old singer observed that Britney has spent the last 13 years “in the wilderness”.

She tweeted: “#BritneySpears is free. Congratulations to everyone who helped bring this about, especially Britney, who, after 13 years in the wilderness, never gave up until she was finally heard. (sic)”

Elsewhere, La Toya Jackson has also offered her congratulations to Britney after the court ruling.

She wrote on the micro-blogging site: “A huge congratulations to Britney Spears!!! #FreeBritney #freedom #BritneySpears (sic)”

Dionne Warwick posted a similar message, observing that Britney can now “breathe” and enjoy her life after being under a conservatorship for so many years.

She wrote online: “This is wonderful news. She can now breathe. Congratulations, Britney. Enjoy your life!”

Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, hailed the ruling as a “monumental” moment for the 39-year-old singer.

He added: “This is a substantial step toward her freedom.

“It’s been a lot of hard work. It’s been intense. I’m proud. Britney’s proud.”

The attorney also credited the Free Britney movement for being “instrumental” in moving the ‘Circus’ singer’s case along, including having him come in to replace her court-appointed attorney, Sam Ingham, in July.

He added: “And to the extent that it allowed my firm to carry the ball across the finish line, I thank them as well.”

Mathew’s next step is to file a petition outlining plans to terminate the conservatorship completely, and he’s optimistic Britney – who hasn’t had control of her own affairs since 2008 – has got a “great future ahead of her.”

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Lil Nas X is single

Published by
BANG Showbiz English

Lil Nas X is single again.

The ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ singer has confirmed he’s no longer dating his mystery boyfriend because he “didn’t want to” see him anymore, though he declined to share any further details.

During an appearance on Sirius XM’s ‘Andy Cohen Live’, the presenter asked Nas about his relationship and if he could share any details.

However, his guest replied: “I was seeing someone. Um, I kind of decided I didn’t want to anymore.”

Andy said: “All right. OK. Well, I have to, I have to, uh, assume that there are thousands of people applying for the job of a Lil Nas X’s boyfriend.”

But the 22-year-old star insisted he isn’t looking for a relationship at the moment because he wants to focus on his career.

He replied: “There are definitely a couple of people for sure. A couple of people out there…I don’t want to ruin anybody’s perception of [‘That’s What I Want’], but I don’t think I want any guy right now.

“Maybe I’m floating around right now. I just want to work on music and every now and then, you know, maybe I’ll kiss a guy, every blue moon, you know.”

Just a month ago, Nas gushed about how “effortless” his romance with his mystery boyfriend, who he met in May, was.

He said: “I feel like this is one of the best [relationships] yet. I’m really happy about it, and it all just feels natural. It’s effortless.”

The ‘Old Town Road’ hitmaker had previously suggested that his boyfriend could be “the one”.

He said: “I’ve had some good boyfriends and some bad ones. A lot of them were emotionally unavailable or had a lot of insecurity and whatnot.

“I’ve found someone special now. I think this is the one. I can’t explain it – it’s just a feeling.”

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Remi Wolf Is Making Trippy, Funky, Bedroom Pop For You To Vibe To

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This New Amazon Docuseries Shows Us What It's Like Being a Trans Model


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