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MSNBC Host Destroys GOP Governor During Heated Interview Over Bill Attacking Trans Kids

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle got into a heated exchange with West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) after he failed to point to one example of a transgender student competing in sports in his state after he signed a bill to ban transgender girls from school sports.

Gov. Justice signed a bill earlier this week that bans trans girls and women from participating in school sports as their gender.

“Can you name one example of a transgender child trying to gain an unfair competitive advantage at a school there in West Virginia?” Ruhle asked.

“Well Stephanie, I don’t have that experience exactly to myself right now, but I will tell you this-” Justice started responding before Ruhle interjected.

“Not yourself. Your state, sir. Can you give me one example of a transgender child trying to get an unfair advantage? Just one in your state,” she asked again.

“No, I can’t really tell you one, but I can tell you this Stephanie,” Justice said before claiming “we all know what an absolute advantage boys would have playing against girls….”

“But, sir, you have no examples of this happening,” she fired back. “Why would you take your time to do this?”

She then noted that the state of West Virginia is currently ranked “45th in education, 47th in health care, 48th on the economy, and 50th in infrastructure.”

“If you cannot name one single example for me of a child doing this, why would you make this a priority? I just named four things that would seem to me like a much bigger priority,” Ruhle scolded the governor.

Justice responded, “Well Stephanie, I didn’t make it a priority.”

“You signed it!” she said.

“I think we only have 12 kids maybe in our state that are transgender-type kids, for cryin’ out loud, Stephanie!” the governor claimed without citing a source for that number.

“Please come back when – beyond anecdotal feelings as a coach – you can show me evidence that those young women are being disadvantaged in your state,” Ruhle responded.

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Janet Mock got brutally honest about “Pose” right before the final season premiereJanet Mock got brutally honest about “Pose” right before the final season premiere

publicity photo”F–k Hollywood… I want to get paid more,” she said in remarks made prior to the screening. “Does this make you uncomfortable? It should. This is speaking truth.” Read More LGBTQ Nation

Josh Duggar charged with receiving & possessing child pornographyJosh Duggar charged with receiving & possessing child pornography

MugshotAccusations that he had molested his younger sisters had previously cost Duggar his job with the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council in 2015. Read More LGBTQ Nation

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Busted Attending Capitol Riot Seen Counting Ballots At Arizona “Audit”

Former Arizona lawmaker Anthony Kern, who was seen on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 when a rally to overturn the presidential election became a bloody siege that left five people dead, was identified on Friday as one of the volunteers who are counting ballots at the controversial Arizona audit.

The picture, shared widely on social media as the Capitol insurrection unfolded, shows the former Republican state representative dressed in a suit, gray scarf and red tie. He is looking across the crowd directly toward the camera.

The Capitol siege to overturn the presidential election became a bloody siege that left five people dead, including a Trump supporter and a Capitol Police officer.

Kern posted a photo of the bloody siege to overturn the presidential election that left five people dead, including a Trump supporter and a Capitol Police officer.

Democrats in Arizona have asked federal officials to investigate Kern and other Republicans who took part in efforts to overturn the election.

“Democratic members of the Arizona House and Senate are asking for an investigation into four lawmakers who may have been involved in the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The letter asks for a joint DOJ-FBI investigation into Congressmen Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, as well as state Rep. Mark Finchem and former Rep. Anthony Kern, for their involvement in the riot,” 12 News reported one week after the attack on the Capitol. “The social media posts of Finchem and Kern strongly suggest that they were at the riot and actively encouraged the mob, the letter said. One of the organizers of the riot, Ali Alexander, reportedly claimed that he planned and organized the insurrection with Gosar and Biggs.”

On Friday, 12 News reporter Brahm Resnik spotted Kern counting ballots at the audit and shared a photo on Twitter. He

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Stop telling the lie that Michael Sam was too distracted to make it in the NFL

Michael Sam handled the media and requests from LGBTQ groups with smarts and grace. He was not ‘too distracted,’ despite everyone else’s obsession. | Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty ImagesMichael Sam was not distracted by TV or LGBTQ groups. It’s everyone else who couldn’t handle it. The false speculation about Michael Sam, and why he didn’t make it in the NFL as the first publicly out gay player, is being reheated this weekend, as the NFL Draft takes place in Cleveland.
The National Review is the latest to take a stab. Writer Jim Geraghty splices together a bunch of Google searches and determines that Sam was just so distracted by his desire to be on TV, and LGBTQ groups wanting to make him a “spokesperson” for the community, that he wasn’t really committed to making it in the NFL anyway.
Oh, and he was no good as a player, on top of it all.
“Yeah that is completely false,” Sam messaged me this week. “I love football and it gave me so many cool experiences. I wished it would’ve last longer, and I wished I would have gotten over the bitterness sooner, but I loved the game.”
Here’s the reality. Sam had a good preseason with the St. Louis Rams in 2014, after being selected by the team in that year’s Draft. His performance led many to think he would land somewhere in the league, if not with the Rams (whose roster was, admittedly, already pretty full at his position). He made it to the final cut that preseason, yet after an eight-week stint on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad, he was out of the NFL for good.
During that time, Sam focused on football. The national LGBTQ groups the National Review claimed were too much of a distraction agreed that Sam’s best place in the movement was on a football field, not LGBTQ fundraisers. Sam did very few media interviews, and he turned down many other opportunities.
In 2014, Sam was focused on football.
To be sure, the Rams weren’t thrilled when they learned of a documentary Oprah Winfrey was producing, following Sam’s life and the start of his career.
But it wasn’t Sam who was distracted by this, it was the NFL media and the Rams who were. Nonsensical claims of betrayal abounded.
All along, it was everyone else seemingly more obsessed with every step Sam made. He took it all in stride. So many others blew it all out of proportion.
Frankly, I’ve always felt the reaction a lot of people had to any attention he received was rooted in homophobia, that this one guy must be held to a higher standard simply because he was gay. Like the Rams and people in the media were doing him a favor by treating him like a football player.
By the time Dancing With The Stars came calling in 2015, every single NFL team had decided the guy who a year ago was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, and who had made it to the final roster cut just months earlier, had no place on their team.
All 32 teams declined to sign him to just a futures contract, which would cost the team literally zero. Literally.
It’s not like Sam was able to bounce from practice squad to practice squad, training camp to training camp, in the coming years. NFL teams shut the door on Sam as quickly as it had opened.
Sam wanted more than anything to be in the NFL.
To be sure, no player has a guaranteed career in the league. Some of the best college players fizzle out quickly, for all sorts of reasons.
We’re all left to wonder what combination of elements combined to end Sam’s NFL career before it started.
Yet this notion that’s been peddled for years that Sam, his agents and managers were more focused on being on reality shows and the grand marshal of Pride parades is patently false. Outsports – All Posts Read More

This soccer team’s response to a fan asking for “straight pride” is winning the internetThis soccer team’s response to a fan asking for “straight pride” is winning the internet

ShutterstockThe pro soccer team has had issues in the past with disrespecting LGBTQ people. They’re making clear that that’s not who they are anymore. Read More LGBTQ Nation

The FMs Breaks the Gender Binary With Adrenaline-Packed Punk “Song X”

“Gender roles are outdated and yet it holds a pendulum over our throats.”

Indian variant is a WHO ‘Variant of Interest’; Magnitude of Outbreak Suggests an ‘escape variant’ coronavirus is sweeping South Asia: EXPLAINER

Indian variant

Indian Variant

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Indian variant

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India has recorded the world’s sharpest spike in coronavirus infections this month, with political and financial capitals New Delhi and Mumbai running out of hospital beds, oxygen and medicines.

Scientists are studying what led to an unexpected surge, and particularly whether a variant of the novel coronavirus first detected in India is to blame. The variant, named B.1.617, has been reported in some 17 countries, raising global concern. Here are the basics:


The B.1.617 variant contains two key mutations to the outer “spike” portion of the virus that attaches to human cells, said senior Indian virologist Shahid Jameel.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the predominant lineage of B.1.617 was first identified in India last December, although an earlier version was spotted in October 2020.

The WHO has described it as a “variant of interest”, suggesting it may have mutations that would make the virus more transmissible, cause more severe disease or evade vaccine immunity. Other strains with known risks, such as those first detected in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa, have been categorised as “variants of concern,” a higher threat level.


It’s hard to say.

The WHO says more study is urgently needed. Laboratory-based studies of limited sample size suggest potential increased transmissibility, it concluded.

The picture is complicated because the highly transmissible B.117 variant first detected in the U.K. is behind spikes in some parts of India. In New Delhi, UK variant cases almost doubled during the second half of March, according to Sujeet Kumar Singh, director of the National Centre for Disease Control. The Indian variant, though, is widely present in Maharashtra, the country’s hardest-hit state, Singh said.

Prominent U.S. disease modeller Chris Murray, from the University of Washington, said the sheer magnitude of infections in India in a short period of time suggests an “escape variant” may be overpowering any prior immunity from natural infections in those populations.

“That makes it most likely that it’s B.1.617,” he said. But Murray cautioned that gene sequencing data on the coronavirus in India is sparse, and that many cases are also being driven by the UK and South African variants.

Carlo Federico Perno, Head of Microbiology and Immunology Diagnostics at Rome’s Bambino Gesù Hospital, said the Indian variant couldn’t alone be the reason for India’s huge surge, pointing instead to large social gatherings.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been criticised for allowing massive political rallies and religious festivals which have been super-spreader events in recent weeks.


One bright spot is that vaccines may be protective. White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci said earlier this week that preliminary evidence from lab studies suggest Covaxin, a vaccine developed in India, appears capable of neutralizing the variant.

Public Health England said it was working with international partners but that there is currently no evidence that the Indian variant and two related variants cause more severe disease or render the vaccines currently deployed less effective.

(Reporting by Devjyot Ghoshal and Zeba Siddiqui in New Delhi, Emilio Parodi in Milan, Julie Steenhuysen in Chicago and Alistair Smout in Britain; Editing by Miyoung Kim, Peter Henderson and Michael Perry)

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India: Monkeys Make Off With COVID-19 Blood Samples After Attacking Lab Technician (VIDEO)

India Coronavirus Cases Soaring, U.S. ‘Racing’ to Send Aid ; Severe Outbreak on The Brink of ‘Humanitarian Catastrophe’

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Update: Isaiah Brown’s sister hopes family ‘can get answers’ on police shooting of her brother; ‘We need to figure out why this keeps happening’

police shooting

police shooting

Yolanda Brown, the sister of Isaiah Brown, provided an update on her brother’s condition and expressed hope that her family “can get answers” about the police shooting that left him in critical condition.

Brown told The Advocate that Isaiah remains in the ICU and hasn’t regained consciousness. Due to hospital Covid-19 restrictions, Yolanda has been the only member of the Brown family to see her brother. “It’s been eight days, and I’ve been there every day. I tell him stories, pray with him, laugh with him, and play music for him,” Yolanda said. “I tell him I love him constantly. I’m just waiting for him to tell me that he loves me back, and that will lift a big burden off my chest. We just have to believe that he will be alright.”

Yolanda also revealed that no one from the Spotsylvania County sheriff’s office has contacted the Brown family to check on Isaiah’s condition.

Isaiah suffered multiple gunshot wounds last week after a Spotsylvania County sheriff’s deputy responding to a 911 call made by Isaiah mistook the cordless phone he was using to speak with 911 for a firearm. Isaiah told 911 that he was unarmed, a fact that both Virginia State Police and the Spotsylvania County sheriff’s office confirmed after the incident The same deputy that shot Isaiah had given him a ride home less than one hour earlier after his car broke down.

We need to figure out why this keeps happening and where all the failures are coming from … I have other brothers, and I don’t want them to continue walking around in fear.

Yolanda Brown

“This is very hard because it’s not knowing what will happen that is so tough. Not knowing which way it can go. We’re all just trying to hang in there, and support Isaiah as best we can,” Yolanda said. “So many things are running through my mind. First, I just want my brother to be healthy. Hopefully, we can get answers as to what happened, and at least try and move forward.”

The Brown family and their attorney, David Haynes, have requested all communications between the deputy and 911 dispatch be released to the public. “We need to figure out why this keeps happening and where all the failures are coming from. How to fix this is the million-dollar question. I have other brothers, and I don’t want them to continue walking around in fear,” she added.

Yolanda also shared joyful memories about her brother as he fights for his life. “The very fact that he works with elderly people, and loves it, tells you so much about him,” Yolanda told The Advocate. “He is just the life of the party. He loves his family, loves to laugh, and just loves, loves his music. He currently loves Big Freedia.”

The shooting is currently being investigated by Virginia State Police.

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Actor Matthew Wilkas Strips Down in a Motel for Brian Kaminsky

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